Five Enough (South Korea) 2016


Five Enough (Aiga Dasut, Five Children ,) is South Korea drama premiere on Feb 20, 2016 on KBS2. Cast members: Shim Yi Young, Shin Hye Sun, Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon, So Yoo Jin, Shim Hyung Tak, Ahn Woo Yeon, Ahn Jae Wook...


Drama: Five Enough (South Korea) 2016
Romaji: Aiga Dasut, Five Children ,
South Korean: 아이가 다섯
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 54
Release Date: Feb 20, 2016 - Aug 21, 2016
Runtime: Saturday, Sunday
Network: KBS2
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

After losing his wife five years ago, Lee Sang Ta is left with his two children. Since that time, he lives with his two kids and parents-in-law, who treat him like their own son. He works as a marketing team leader for a fashion brand and never expects to find someone who will make his heart beat again.
Ahn Mi Jeong works as an assistant manager at the same fashion company. 3 years ago, her husband had an affair with her friend and left her. She couldn't tell her 3 children the truth about their father and lied that he went to work in America. To this day, the children still believe that their father is in America. She has numbed herself from the struggles of raising her children alone while working.
As these two begin to find love again, a tempest is brewing as three sets of in-laws and five children learn to become one family.