Jang Yong

Jang Yong

Jang Yong (장용) was born on April 8, 1945 in South Korea. Jang Yong movies and tv shows: Let's Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset, Avengers Social Club, Our Gab Soon, Five Enough, Flower of the Queen...
Jang Yong is a member of South Korea


First Name: Yong
Family Name: Jang
Native Name: 장용
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: April 8, 1945
Age: 73
Jang Yong is a popular South Korean actor, born on April 8, 1945 in Tokyo, Japan.

He has starred in numerous hit dramas, among which Miss Ripley, Pasta, Please Marry Me and Full House.

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