Oasis 2003 (South Korea)


Oasis 2003 (South Korea), also known as Desert Spring, The Fountain of the Desert is South Korea drama premiere on Dec 17, 2003 on MBC


Drama: Oasis 2003 (South Korea)
Romaji: Desert Spring, The Fountain of the Desert
South Korean: 사막의 샘
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 3
Release Date: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: MBC
Duration: 60 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The three-episode wartime drama lays out a heart-wrenching tale of love and betrayal back-dropped by a very important period in modern Korean history, spanning from the Japanese Occupation of the 1940s to the American Occupation of postwar Korea. Song Il Guk gives a moving performance as a hot-blooded young man whose life and love are tested by the violence and turbulence of the time. Directed by Lee Eun Kyu, who has also directed hit dramas like Delicious Proposal, Forever Yours, and Into the Sunlight, the drama co-stars popular actress Jang Shin Young (The Road Home, Winter Bird), as well as Lee Hyung Chul (On Air, Over the Rainbow) and Lee Jung Gil (Inside the White Tower). Fleeing an arranged marriage to a man she doesn?t love, In-hee (Jang Shin-Young) meets Gi-hyun (Song Il-Kook, Jumong), an aspiring musician whose most prized possession is his late father?s saxophone. In-hee and Gi-hyun cross paths over the years and slowly fall in love. In-hee ends up in the radio business working for Young-jin (Lee Jung-Gil, Boys Over Flowers), a Korean national who supports the Japanese government in its occupation of Korea. As Gi-hyun?s musical career begins to take off, he discovers that Young-jin is the same man who murdered his father many years before. As the tension builds, Gi-hyun is suspiciously sent to work hard labor at a coal mine in Japan. Upon the Japanese defeat in World War II, Gi-hyun returns home, full of revenge, to find his life turned upside down.