Two Mothers (South Korea) 2014


Two Mothers (Cuckoo Nest) is South Korea drama premiere on Jun 3, 2014 on KBS2. Cast members: Kim Kyung Nam, Lee Chae Young, Hwang Dong Joo, Jang Seo Hee...


Drama: Two Mothers (South Korea) 2014
Romaji: Cuckoo Nest
South Korean: 뻐꾸기 둥지
Director: Kwak Gi Won
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 102
Release Date: Jun 3, 2014 - Oct 3, 2014
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: KBS2
Duration: 35 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Hwa Yeong believes that Yeon Hee, her brother's ex-girlfriend, drove him to his death. When the unhappily married Yeon Hee is diagnosed with uterine cancer, Hwa Yeong volunteers to become a surrogate mother for her, all the while planning her revenge. Hwa Yeong conceives and gives birth, lets Yeon Hee raise the child, then destroys Yeon Hee by trying to take the child back. Later, Yeon Hee tries her best to get her child back. Yeon Hee's husband regrets letting Yeon Hee go.
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