Tough Guy's Love 2000 (South Korea)


Tough Guy's Love 2000 (South Korea), also known as Kkokji , is South Korea drama premiere on Mar 25, 2000 on KBS2


Drama: Tough Guy's Love 2000 (South Korea)
Romaji: Kkokji ,
South Korean: 꼭지
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 50
Release Date: Saturday, Sunday
Network: KBS2
Genres: Drama, Family

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The only hope for new millennium is love and people. Man Ho couldn't forget his first love and his three sons weren't close to each other. The eldest son, Joon Tae is under pressure with his position in family and has to faced high expectation from his parents. He also had a broken heart for his first love but he tried his best to take care of his wife and family. The second son, Hyun Tae was very smart but he couldn't go to college as he was poor. And the money he saved for college had been taken for Myung Tae's bail money. But Hyun Tae keeps studying for a state law examination while he works as a patrol. The third son, Myung Tae is a trouble maker and couldn't get along with Hyun Tae. He hated his father for treating his mother bad. Myung Tae likes tearoom hostess Sang Ran.