Flower of the Queen (South Korea) 2015


Flower of the Queen (여왕의 꽃, Yeowangoui Kkot, Equator's Flower, Flower of the Equator) is South Korea drama premiere on Mar 14, 2015 on MBC. Cast members: Lee Jong Hyuk, Yoon Park, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Sung Kyung...


Drama: Flower of the Queen (South Korea) 2015
Romaji: 여왕의 꽃, Yeowangoui Kkot, Equator's Flower, Flower of the Equator
South Korean: 여왕의 꽃
Director: Kim Min Shik
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 50
Release Date: Mar 14, 2015 - Aug 30, 2015
Runtime: Saturday, Sunday
Network: MBC
Duration: 60 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

South Korean society values success more than anything else. People tirelessly strive to get ahead. Meanwhile, South Korea ranks at the bottom of the list of happy countries in the world. Korea's suicide rate is the highest among developed countries and the third highest in the entire world… There are things that money cannot buy. Money does not bring honor. Power cannot make one happy. Happiness is more powerful than political power, more valuable than riches, and a step above honor. One mother chases success to live a luxurious lifestyle. A daughter finds success after practically raising herself. Two men love these two women as they pursue happiness. This TV series raises the question of what defines happiness to viewers.
(Source: MBC)