I'll Go With You 2006 (South Korea)


I'll Go With You 2006 (South Korea), also known as Let's Go Together, Going together, Nadoya Kanda is South Korea drama premiere on May 19, 2006 on SBS


Drama: I'll Go With You 2006 (South Korea)
Romaji: Let's Go Together, Going together, Nadoya Kanda
South Korean: 나도야 간다
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 21
Release Date: Friday
Network: SBS
Genres: Romance, Family

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Haeng Sook (Kim Mi Sook) became a single mother at the age of 20. But born with a strong will, optimistic personality, and persistence, she opens up a potato stew diner and raises her younger siblings and her daughter. She even enrolls herself in college at her age and struggles to realize her own dreams.

The middle sister of the three, Gyung Sook (Jeong Seon Gyeong), divorced from her first marriage after her ex-husband’s affair, but she is having marital problems again with her second husband, Jung Wan (Oh Dae-Gyu). Haeng Sook tells Gyung Sook that there is no “right” way to live life and although the number of divorces she gets in her life is insignificant, she should try to love a man with all her heart before breaking up. That way, she will not have regrets.

Haeng Sook goes on to advise that she should realize the true value of human life and become more confident. The youngest of the three, Hyo Sook (Yoo Seo Jin), married the man she fell in love at first sight, but her husband Sang Min (Kim Jeong Hyeon) doesn’t consider her a woman and constantly asks for divorce. Haeng Sook encourages her by saying that although it seems like the end of the world, life goes on. She goes on to tell Hyo Sook that as long as she is alive, the sun will rise tomorrow, and she has the right to be happier than anyone else in the world.