If It Snows on Christmas 1998 (South Korea)


If It Snows on Christmas 1998 (South Korea), also known as Keuriseumaseue Noonyi Naerimyeon , is South Korea drama premiere on Dec 19, 1998


Drama: If It Snows on Christmas 1998 (South Korea)
Romaji: Keuriseumaseue Noonyi Naerimyeon ,
South Korean: 크리스마스에 눈이 내리면
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Dec 19, 1998
Duration: 1 hr. 40 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Lee Song Hi was raised by her father, violinist. After her father death, she falls in love with her elementary school friend Su An. After 12 years, Song Hi who is teacher at kindergarten, meets Su An again. The love of Song Hi was not changed, but Su An became a different person. He becomes lawyer and has fiancee Yu Jeong, violinist. Song Hi promises to give her father's Straduvarus violin to Su An, if he forgets that he is about to be married and dates her for one week.