Kim   Ji Young

Kim Ji Young

Kim Ji Young (김지영) was born on September 7, 1974 in South Korea. Kim Ji Young movies and tv shows: Here Comes Love, Great First Wives, Everything Kimchi, Drama Special Season 5: Stone Day...
Kim Ji Young is a member of South Korea


First Name: Ji Young
Family Name: Kim
Native Name: 김지영
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Female
Born: September 7, 1974
Age: 44

Name: Kim Ji-Yeong
Hangul: 김지영
Birthdate: September 7, 1974
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 163cm
Blood Type:
Family: Nam Sung-Jin (husband)

Kim Ji-Yeong and Nam Sung-Jin married on May 8, 2004 at THE PLAZA Hotel at Jung-gu in seoul. The couple has one son born on November 5, 2008.