Fermentation Family 2011 (South Korea)


Fermentation Family 2011 (South Korea), also known as Balhyogajog, Family, Kimchi Family, Fermented Family is South Korea drama premiere on Dec 7, 2011 on jTBC


Drama: Fermentation Family 2011 (South Korea)
Romaji: Balhyogajog, Family, Kimchi Family, Fermented Family
South Korean: 발효가족
Director: Park Chan Hong
Writer: Kim Ji Woo
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 24
Release Date: Wednesday, Thursday
Network: jTBC
Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

This drama tells the story of the family of Chunjiin (Heaven, Earth and Man), who own a traditional restaurant famous for its Kimchi, and their suspicious guests. As an abandoned child, Ho Tae grew up in an orphanage and became a gangster. One day, he becomes fascinated by Chunjiin when he visits the place, but is attacked by opposing thugs, only to be saved by Kang San, a daughter of the restaurant’s owner. After Kang San accepts Ho Tae into her family, he begins to grow attached to the place and his new surroundings, gradually recovering long-lost memories of his childhood. This heartwarming story depicts love, Kimchi philosophy, and the struggles the Chunjiin family face as they try to deal with the threat of rival restaurants. It also deals with Ho Tae’s dark past which comes back to haunt him, and the mystery of Kang San’s father, who abruptly disappears as Ho Tae is accepted into the family.
(Source: JTBC)