Woman of Dignity (South Korea) 2017


Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo, Lady With Class, Classy Her, Her With Class, The Lady in Dignity) is South Korea drama premiere on Jun 16, 2017 on jTBC. Cast members: Lee Ki Woo, Kim Sun Ah, Jung Sang Hoon, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Tae Im...


Drama: Woman of Dignity (South Korea) 2017
Romaji: Poomwiitneun Geunyeo, Lady With Class, Classy Her, Her With Class, The Lady in Dignity
South Korean: 품위있는 그녀
Director: Kim Yoon Cheol
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Release Date: Jun 16, 2017 - Aug 19, 2017
Runtime: Friday, Saturday
Network: jTBC
Duration: 60 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A former classy lady who was cast down to lower class from being a wife of an upper-classman, and a determined lower class woman who dreams of becoming a lady in dignity - how will the two women’s battle for raising their social status end?
Ah Jin, who is beautiful and has a nice figure, enjoys a splendidly luxurious life after marrying into a rich family. Through her wits and acuteness, she gains the trust of President Ahn, her father-in-law and the head of the house. Being in charge of all matters around the household, she secures her position within the family. While looking for a caregiver for her father-in-law who has a hard time moving around, Ah Jin finds Bok Ja and hires her. She thinks that the old-fashioned and plain but somewhat cultured Bok Ja seems to be a perfect fit for her family. However, Bok Ja doesn’t remain as a caregiver. She seduces President Ahn with her voluptuous body and takes over the household. She even actively gets involved in managing Mr. Ahn’s company and succeeds in receiving all of the company’s shares. She was about to fulfill her dream of joining the upper class when something unexpected happens to her. Meanwhile, as Bok Ja’s betrayal starts to ruin her family, Ah Jin finds out that her husband Jae Suk is having an affair. Her dignity is falling apart and she faces the worst crisis in her life.
Can she maintain the dignity of the upper class to the end despite facing the worst circumstances ever?
(Source: JTBC)