The Affaire in the Swing Age 2005 (China)


The Affaire in the Swing Age 2005 (China), also known as The Dynasty, Love Against Kingship, Jiāngshān Fēngyǔ Qíng is China drama premiere on Jun 30, 2005


Drama: The Affaire in the Swing Age 2005 (China)
Romaji: The Dynasty, Love Against Kingship, Jiāngshān Fēngyǔ Qíng
Chinese: 江山风雨情
Country: China
Episodes: 45
Release Date: Jun 30, 2005 - 2005
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

In 1627, the young Chongzhen Emperor succeeds his brother, the Tianqi Emperor, as the sovereign of the Ming dynasty, with help from the eunuch Wang Cheng'en. The hardworking Chongzhen Emperor strives to save his dwindling empire from collapse and seeks to restore it to its former glory. However, it seems impossible for him to achieve these goals because the Ming government has been plagued by corruption since his predecessors' time, and the people have also rebelled against him under the leadership of Li Zicheng. Besides, on the northern frontier, Huangtaiji, the ambitious ruler of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, is actively preparing his army for an invasion of the Ming Empire.

Yuan Chonghuan and Hong Chengchou are both capable military commanders appointed by the Chongzhen Emperor to counter the Manchu invaders, but they meet different fates – the emperor orders Yuan to be executed by slow slicing after believing false accusations that Yuan is plotting against him; Hong is forced to surrender to the Manchus after his defeat at the Battle of Songjin, and he aids the Qing forces on their campaign against the Southern Ming dynasty later.

In 1644, Li Zicheng's rebel forces capture the Ming capital, Beijing. The Chongzhen Emperor commits suicide by hanging himself on a tree. Shortly after, Wu Sangui, a Ming general defending the border, defects to the Qing dynasty and opens Shanhai Pass, allowing the Qing forces to enter and overrun the rest of China. The reason behind Wu's defection is the loss of his beloved concubine, Chen Yuanyuan. Chen was initially kept as a hostage in Beijing to prevent Wu from betraying the Ming Empire. However, after the fall of Beijing, she was taken by Liu Zongmin, a rebel general under Li Zicheng. Wu is angered and he decides to ally with the Qing forces against the rebels.
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