She is Wow! 2013 (South Korea)


She is Wow! 2013 (South Korea), also known as Woowahan Nyeo, Perfect Woman, She is Wow, Uwahan Nyeo is South Korea drama premiere on Apr 18, 2013 on tvN


Drama: She is Wow! 2013 (South Korea)
Romaji: Woowahan Nyeo, Perfect Woman, She is Wow, Uwahan Nyeo
South Korean: 우와한 녀
Director: Kim Cheol Kyu
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Release Date: Thursday
Network: tvN
Duration: 50 min.
Genres: Drama, Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A Ra leads the perfect life. She is a popular actress, has an ideal husband Jung Han, who is the most popular announcer, and a son Min Kyu. People adore them as a couple, but their life isn't as great as it appears. A Ra struggles to get cast as an actress as she gets older. Jung Han and A Ra do not respect each other or love each other.

One day, their troubled son Min Kyu arrives back in Korea from America. Min Kyu got kicked out of school over there and is a troubled kid. A Ra and Jung Han worry that others may find out about Min Kyu's troubles. Making matters worse, a secret, which can destroy A Ra's perfect world, exists.