Red Shoes 1975 (South Korea)


Red Shoes 1975 (South Korea), also known as Ppalgan Gudu , is South Korea drama premiere on May 30, 1975


Drama: Red Shoes 1975 (South Korea)
Romaji: Ppalgan Gudu ,
South Korean: 빨간 구두
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Release Date: May 30, 1975
Duration: 1 hr. 37 min.
Genres: Drama, Melodrama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A middle-aged detective Jang Jung Hwan saves Yong Shik, deaf and dumb, falling from a high building in the site of construction. Yon Shik has grown up in the adverse circumstances. Jang takes him to his house. Yong Shik has a good time with Detective Jang's son. One day, Jang's son dies. Jang's daughter Hye Yong guides Yong Shik to the right path and Jang also helps him to be a shoemaker and win a gold medal at the National Olympics in Technology. Jang released from the long and long chains of suffering and his wife gets smiles back. Yong Shik and Hye Young deeply moved by this have hopes for the future.