Protect the King (South Korea) 2018


Protect the King (Yongwangnim Bouhasa) is South Korea drama premiere on MBC. Cast members: Lee So Yeon, Jae Hee...


Drama: Protect the King (South Korea) 2018
Romaji: Yongwangnim Bouhasa
South Korean: 용왕님 보우하사
Director: Choi Eun Kyung
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 120
Release Date: Dec ??, 2018 - ?
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: MBC
Genres: Romance, Drama

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The modern version of the story of Shim Chung Yi, a woman who sees the world in various colors and meets a pianist who sees the world only in black and white and finds out the secret to her lost father.
(Source: HanCinema)