Jessica Hsuan

Jessica Hsuan

Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) was born on August 18, 1970 in Hong Kong. Jessica Hsuan movies and tv shows: Line Walker: The Prelude, My Unfair Lady, The Hiddens, The War Of Beauties...
Jessica Hsuan is a member of Hong Kong


First Name: Huen
Family Name: Suen
Native Name: 宣萱
Also Known As: Jessica Hester Hsuan; Jessica Hsuan; Xuan Xuan
Nationality: Hong Konger
Gender: Female
Born: August 18, 1970
Age: 48
Jessica Hester Hsuan, or Suen Huen (Chinese: 宣萱; pinyin: Xuān Xuān; [IPA: syn hyn]; born 18 August 1970 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese actress. Jessica holds a degree from Imperial College London.

She is currently one of the most popular television actresses of Hong Kong. She started her career in late 1992 and early 1993. Back in the 90's, Jessica was constantly in the limelight for not getting along with a few actresses, though most of the rumours had subsided by the 2000s.

Jessica changed her contract to a "per-series" as of late 2006, after it was disclosed that she did not renew her current contract. She is no longer under TVB's management, and under her former manager, Carri Ma. Jessica is currently under the management of Lydia Lo.