Burning Flame II 2002 (Hong Kong)


Burning Flame II 2002 (Hong Kong) is Hong Kong drama premiere on Jul 29, 2002 on TVB Jade


Drama: Burning Flame II 2002 (Hong Kong)
Hong Konger: 烈火雄心II
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 35
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: TVB Jade
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Romance, Action, Family

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The path through life is twisted and uneven, no one has never not fallen. It's no exception for those who fight fires and save lives.
After fire fighter, Kei Tak Tin (Wong Hei)'s wife dies, his attitude to work begins to fade away. Can he let time pass so easily when he is on his most important mission? Experienced commander Tong Ming (Alex Fong Chung Sun) has been in many fires. Why can he have so much trouble dealing with his crew when he is in charge? Choi Nam Fung (Stephen Au) is left by his girlfriend because he has no future in his job. After changing to become a firefighter, his new girlfriend is worried about his safety. Will he give up on his dream job for his girlfriend? Chung Yan Yee (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee) is part of the lifesaver team. She may be strong and cool on the outside but she hides a past that she cannot reveal. Will living with a nightmare history affect her future career? Kong Yat Ngor (Yoyo Mung) is Ming's wife who depends on him a lot and brings him even more pressure. She leaves after her relationship with him falls apart. After the tears, can she compose herself again? Yip Heung Yeung (Annie Man) is in love with a martial arts instructor how is also Fung's trainer. After her boyfriend dies, Fung becomes her counsellor, but can this master and disciple overcome their reservations and be together?
Remember, life is precious so stand up with more strength after you fall.