Agawa Sawako

Agawa Sawako

Agawa Sawako (阿川佐和子) was born on November 1, 1953 in Japan. Agawa Sawako movies and tv shows: Cheer☆Dan, Rikuo, Toto nee-chan...
Agawa Sawako is a member of Japan


Native Name: 阿川佐和子
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Born: November 1, 1953
Age: 65
Sawako Agawa is a Japanese author and television personality.
Sawako Agawa was born in Tokyo on 1 November 1953. Her father is the novelist Hiroyuki Agawa; and her elder brother Naoyuki Agawa is also a writer. Naoyuki is a former diplomat who, since 1999, has been a professor of law at Keio University.

After graduation from Toyo Eiwa junior high school and high school (private all-girls school, Christian school located in Minato, Tokyo), Agawa graduated from Keio University with the Bachelor of Letters degree in Western Historiography.

Agawa started her career in Japanese television, first as a reporter, then as a news reader. She appears on a variety of programs, including talk shows, quiz programs, and interview shows.