Toto nee-chan (Japan) 2016


Toto nee-chan (Totone-chan) is Japan drama premiere on Apr 4, 2016 on NHK. Cast members: Takahata Mitsuki...


Drama: Toto nee-chan (Japan) 2016
Romaji: Totone-chan
Japanese: とと姉ちゃん
Country: Japan
Episodes: 156
Release Date: Apr 4, 2016 - Oct 1, 2016
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Network: NHK
Duration: 15 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The eldest daughter of the Kohashis, Tsuneko, was 11 years old when her father Takezo died of tuberculosis. Taking her father’s teachings about the importance of ordinary life to heart, she became ‘Toto One-chan’, a paternal figure to her mother Kimiko and two younger sisters Mariko and Yoshiko. She struggles to sustain the family as the head of the household. Right after the war, she launches a lifestyle magazine created for the sake of females together with Mariko and Yoshiko in a devastated Tokyo. It is called ‘Your Life’ and was full of practical articles for readers. With the help of the genius editor Hanayama Isaji, the magazine grew to become essential to females living in the period of high economic growth.