Nature of Mother 2023 (Taiwan)


Nature of Mother 2023 (Taiwan), also known as Wu Bian, Wu Pien, 无边 is Taiwan drama premiere on Jan 6, 2023


Drama: Nature of Mother 2023 (Taiwan)
Romaji: Wu Bian, Wu Pien, 无边
Taiwanese: 無邊
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Jan 6, 2023
Duration: 60 min.
Genres: Documentary

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

This is the end of the world, the end, and the beginning. Ten years ago, together with Liu Bai Yuan, Lin Yi Jie and Chen Yan Bo, I went to the North Pole and embarked on a polar expedition of more than 500 kilometers. Ten years later, Liu Bai Yuan, Chen Yan Bo, Wang You Sheng, Lin Yu Xuan, and Wu Sheng Ru embarked on a life journey again. "Everyone is the moon, and there is always a dark side, which is never seen by others". The days in Antarctica are 24 hours a day. But in the moonless days, each of us re-examines another aspect of ourselves. As a film creator, I am so lucky: because I died once in the film, I was able to return to the real world, so that death did not really happen, but I could step on this land steadily. "Nature of Mother" is not just a documentary recording the Antarctic expedition, but also a life tour: when watching the movie, everyone can settle down and review their lives, so that every life can be well placed. (Source: Chinese = || Translation = MyDramaList) Edit Translation

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