Good Morni MIT 2023 (Taiwan)


Good Morni MIT 2023 (Taiwan), also known as Shan Jiao Yu Lai Le, Shan Chiao Yu Lai Le, 山椒鱼来了 is Taiwan drama premiere on Feb 10, 2023


Drama: Good Morni MIT 2023 (Taiwan)
Romaji: Shan Jiao Yu Lai Le, Shan Chiao Yu Lai Le, 山椒鱼来了
Taiwanese: 山椒魚來了
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Feb 10, 2023
Duration: 1 hr. 45 min.
Genres: Documentary

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

In the deep clouds of Taiwan's mountains, there is a small, slow-moving, peculiar-looking animal that appeared on Earth billions of years ago, saw dinosaurs dominate, and even experienced the extinction of dinosaurs and the birth of humans. Taiwan is a small island, but after a long period of evolution, there are five endemic species of salamanders that live in the mountains at medium and high altitudes, and Taiwan, with its high mountains, has become the southernmost boundary for the distribution of salamanders in the world, as well as the only small salamander group in the subtropical zone. The film takes the camera into the mountains and forests of Taiwan and spends 17 years documenting in words and images the true heroes of the mountains and forests of Taiwan - the researcher of the mountain pepper fish - who have come and gone from the mountains and waters over the years. (Source: Chinese = || Translation = MyDramaList) Edit Translation

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