Mahou Sentai Magiranger 2005 (Japan)


Mahou Sentai Magiranger 2005 (Japan), also known as Mahō Sentai Magiranger , is Japan drama premiere on Feb 13, 2005 on TV Asahi


Drama: Mahou Sentai Magiranger 2005 (Japan)
Romaji: Mahō Sentai Magiranger ,
Japanese: 魔法戦隊マジレンジャー
Country: Japan
Episodes: 49
Release Date: Feb 13, 2005 - Feb 12, 2006
Network: TV Asahi
Duration: 25 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A war between the Infershia and Magitopia had occurred unbeknownst to humans. After being imprisoned within the Earth for fifteen years, the Infershia have returned to get revenge from their imprisonment. When the Infershia attack, five siblings witness their mother change in front of them and she hands them MagiPhones to transform into a magic team. Now endowed with magic powers, these five vow to live up to their family's legacy. They have yet to discover many more family secrets.