I Love My Wife (Taiwan)


I Love My Wife (Taiwan), also known as An Shi Ai Mei Hui is Taiwan drama premiere on Anhui


Drama: I Love My Wife (Taiwan)
Romaji: An Shi Ai Mei Hui
Taiwanese: 安室愛美惠
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 35
Release Date: Monday, Thursday
Network: Anhui
Genres: Sitcom

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

After a failed business venture in a remote place in Africa, husband An Shi and wife Mei Hui returned to Taiwan with an aborigine skeleton as their souvenir. Just when they were ready to start over with their new apartment, they found they have some strange neighbors. There was the homeless woman living at their apartment staircase, who became infatuated with An Shi and who Mei had to constantly guard against. There was also a model-wannabe called Handsome Man living next door, who supplied Mei Hui with some of the most outlandish ideas of how to make her family life better.