Hi! Honey 2004 (Taiwan)


Hi! Honey 2004 (Taiwan) is Taiwan drama premiere on Apr 7, 2004 on CTS


Drama: Hi! Honey 2004 (Taiwan)
Taiwanese: 嗨!親爱的
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 21
Release Date: Sunday
Network: CTS
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

This is a modern era and at the same time, it is an era for creations. There have been lots of stories about young people who have built up their own businesses. Yet, to be as outstanding as Shu Li, a young guy brimming with talent, there is after all a small number of people like him on the business market today. The products that he designs and also personally a spokesperson for, becomes a fashionable and popular mark. The franchise shops also brings to him all the wealth. This arrogant guy with a big family fortune becomes the idol that every girl dreams about and the guy that every girl chases after. Yet what is the famous Shu Li seeking and wishing for?