Fan Rak Fan Salai (Thailand) 2017


Fan Rak Fan Salai (American Dreams, Fun Ruk Fun Salai) is Thailand drama premiere on Jul 13, 2017 on Channel 3. Cast members: Weckx Lanlalin, Yavapolkul Navin...


Drama: Fan Rak Fan Salai (Thailand) 2017
Romaji: American Dreams, Fun Ruk Fun Salai
Thai: ฝันรักฝันสลาย
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 28
Release Date: Jul 13, 2017 - Aug 22, 2017
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: Channel 3
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama, Action

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Meili is a young lady facing abject poverty in her hometown. After seeing pictures sent home by her neighbour’s daughter of cozy life in America with food aplenty, Meili decides to risk following human trafficker Jiang into Thailand and onward to the promise land of America. After an almost deadly trek across the border, Meili reaches Thailand only to find out that she has been sold into prostitution by Jiang. Meili manages to escape and is subsequently picked up by fellow illegal immigrant Chang when he finds her eating leftovers outside the restaurant he works at. Though she now has an ally, things are not all that much better for Meili because she has to escape both the triad who wants to catch her back and also the police who will deport her.
When Captain Pakorn, a policeman who is in charge of taking down the prostitution/human trafficking ring catches up to Meili, she threatens to take her own life and pleads for him to spare her because she had been tricked by the gangs and only detouring through Thailand to reach America, her ultimate destination. He takes pity on her and decides to help her hide until she finds a route to America. They develop feelings for each other through this time and we’ll have to find out if Meili will reach her dream of going to America or die trying.