Dalgona 2020 (South Korea)


Dalgona 2020 (South Korea), also known as 달고나 (달콤하지만 고된 나의 사춘기) is South Korea drama premiere on Sep 9, 2020


Drama: Dalgona 2020 (South Korea)
Romaji: 달고나 (달콤하지만 고된 나의 사춘기)
South Korean: 달고나
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Wednesday
Duration: 13 min.

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'Dalgona' will center around high school students who are searching for true friendship. Song Mi Na studies abroad after being bullied, and though she has a bright and optimistic personality, it's obvious the past still haunts her when she returns to South Korea. (Source: Allkpop) Edit Translation

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