Basketball Tribe (Taiwan)


Basketball Tribe (Taiwan), also known as On Tribe, 篮球部落 , is Taiwan drama


Drama: Basketball Tribe (Taiwan)
Romaji: On Tribe, 篮球部落 ,
Taiwanese: 籃球部落
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 22
Release Date: 2004 - ?

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

David Wu, Roy Chiu (Summer Scent), Zhang Xun Jie (The Outsiders), and Rammie Guo join forces to make a TV series that combines basketball and martial arts! Basketball Tribe, a.k.a. On Tribe, mixes martial arts action into basketball matches, turning basketball into the most spectacular sport you have even seen on TV! Handsome Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (a.k.a. Qiu Ze) is Kao Fei, a boy trying to travel across the country on foot. He gets lost on his journey and comes to an unknown place where everyone is crazy for basketball. Having great potential in the sport, Kao Fei suddenly becomes all the basketball teams' target.