Back to the 90's 2015 (Thailand)


Back to the 90's 2015 (Thailand), also known as 2538 alter ma jib , is Thailand drama premiere on Mar 19, 2015


Drama: Back to the 90's 2015 (Thailand)
Romaji: 2538 alter ma jib ,
Thai: 2538 อัลเทอร์ มาจีบ
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Mar 19, 2015
Duration: 1 hr. 51 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A teenage boy from the year 2014 steps into a phone booth and is transported into the past--the 90's, a time before cell phones and Facebook. He tries to repair the relationship between his mom and dad by distracting his dad's childhood friend, but he finds himself falling in love with her.