Asa ga Kuru (Japan) 2016


Asa ga Kuru (The Sun Will Rise, Comes Morning) is Japan drama premiere on Jun 4, 2016 on Tokai TV. Cast members: Kawashima Umika, Tanaka Naoki, Yasuda Narumi...


Drama: Asa ga Kuru (Japan) 2016
Romaji: The Sun Will Rise, Comes Morning
Japanese: 朝が来る
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Release Date: Jun 4, 2016 - Jul 23, 2016
Runtime: Saturday
Network: Tokai TV
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Family, Life

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Kurihara Satoko was satisfied with daily life with her husband and son. In fact, the son wasn't their own child, but it didn't matter for them. After they had tried some treatment for sterility for a long term, they once gave up to have a child. However, they came to know about "adoption", and they took Asato as their son. She couldn't imagine the life without Asato, and believed her happiness continued forever.
One day, Satoko got an unexpected call from Katakura Hikari, who insisted that she was Asato's biological mother. Satoko was getting lost in the past because of this call.