6 Persons Room (South Korea) 2014


6 Persons Room (Six-Person Room, 6 Person Room, 6 Insil) is South Korea drama premiere on Dec 31, 2014 on Naver TV Cast. Cast members: Sung Hoon, Geummi...


Drama: 6 Persons Room (South Korea) 2014
Romaji: Six-Person Room, 6 Person Room, 6 Insil
South Korean: 6 인실
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 5
Release Date: Dec 31, 2014
Network: Naver TV Cast
Duration: 16 min.
Genres: Life, Medical

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

After the dramatic-looking accident, Min Soo goes to the 6-person hospital room. He wakes up surrounded by women themselves. We will learn about their stories, to the accompaniment of humor and mystery.



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