Yoshiwara Uradoshin (Japan) 2016


Yoshiwara Uradoshin (Yoshiwara Uradoshin ~ Shinshun Yoshiwara no Taika) is Japan drama premiere on Jan 3, 2016 on NHK. Cast members: Kanjiya Shihori, Koide Keisuke...


Drama: Yoshiwara Uradoshin (Japan) 2016
Romaji: Yoshiwara Uradoshin ~ Shinshun Yoshiwara no Taika
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Jan 3, 2016
Runtime: Sunday
Network: NHK
Genres: Historical

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Bodyguard Kamimori Mikijiro and his wife Teijo welcome their third New year at Edo’s largest pleasure quarters, the Yoshiwara red light district. On the second day of work of the New Year, an unprecedented disappearance occurs at Yoshiwara. The courtesan Kosegawa Dayu, who is equally popular as Usuzumi Dayu, vanishes right after the procession of courtesans. Was it a well-planned departure? How did she sneak out of the only doorway? Kosegawa was the daughter of the owner of a large store and also engaged to someone until her father’s business went bankrupt and she had to work at Yoshiwara. A samurai was set to redeem her just before she went missing. The mystery deepens. However, they learn that another once popular courtesan Ichikawa suddenly disappeared from Yoshiwara just a month ago. Mikijiro locates the whereabouts of the women, but they are silenced by a mastermind to keep their mouths shut. Solving the trick of the disappearances, he defeats the villains who prey on the females of the red-light district. Just when it seems as if the case has been solved, Yoshiwara is surround by flames.