Wu Dang I (China)



Drama: Wu Dang I (China)
Chinese: 武当1
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Release Date: 2002 - 2003
Genres: Martial Arts

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Yuan Dynasty, warlords, chaos. Wudang of Changchun live Qiu hundred blessing ceremony Office, Huang Jue Temple monk Zhu Yuanzhang , Rebel leader Guo Xing 's daughter Mazhi Lan , rich girl and Qiu Rong Shen lay disciples Zhangjun Bao acquaintance. In the desert will be strong and worked hard for many years with his disciples fire red wolf, snow hawk to Wudang challenge Qiu, Qiu injured, dead or alive, Zhang Junbao be controlled. Zhang Junbao to save lives, snow hawk
Large master also secretly took Dan to him, and with his yin and yang harmony. Zhu Yuanzhang join Guo Xing arm, but was victimized Men Do not Cry, London beggars, want to commit suicide jumping, Blissful Encounter escape Zhangjun Bao rescue. Zhangjun Bao, the emperor, Liu Bowen to Shen Chuang, beloved emperor Shen Rong Shen Manzo really agree that his betrothed to the emperor.
After the emperor with沈家兵leave, the emperor Shen Rong came because she was pregnant, but found the emperor at the instigation of the brothers married to military power and马芝兰, heartbroken commit suicide, Zhang Junbao angry about. Red Doubilet that Qiu dead, come again Wudang Mountain battle, lose-lose. Shen Rong is not dead, just fainted, was rescued flowers Island白浪飞, but the fetus is not guaranteed. Zhang Junbao comprehend tips, hit tai chi . Shen Rong martial arts, after relying on intelligence to help the emperor to conquer the world. After killing the emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, even张君宝spared. Snow mountain eagle found archers, realized the emperor want to张君宝and fire wolf unfavorable, arrived quickly Wudang Mountain, died in the emperor's archers arrows. Love snow eagle Zhangjun Bao Yusha emperor, empress Mazhi Lan came to intercede. Zhang Junbao reluctantly let go of the emperor, Hermitage Wudang, do not ask the political arena.