Wonder Teacher The Series (Thailand) 2015


Wonder Teacher The Series is Thailand drama premiere on Oct 3, 2015 on GMM One. Cast members: Udomnak Kerttisak...


Drama: Wonder Teacher The Series (Thailand) 2015
Thai: อัศจรรย์คุณครูเทวดา
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 23
Release Date: Oct 3, 2015 - Mar 12, 2016
Network: GMM One
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

You may want to use the power to do good to help others. But do not forget that everything has a price to pay. Everything that power comes to life must have "something" as an exchange. ''Teacher Asanee'' Pittaya School.
After the car crashed into ICU room to... two days?!? These allow students at the class 5/5 with "Asanee teacher" as an assistant teacher in a class with a bewildered. The gang of the class: Typhoon, Richter, Phatra and Isaac.
Watch "Teacher Asanee" version after that car crash. How do you play?



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