Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite (Japan) 2014


Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite (All About My Destiny ,) is Japan drama premiere on Mar 23, 2014 on WOWOW. Cast members: Nagasaku Hiromi...


Drama: Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite (Japan) 2014
Romaji: All About My Destiny ,
Japanese: 私という運命について
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Release Date: Mar 23, 2014 - Apr 20, 2014
Runtime: Sunday
Network: WOWOW
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Aki Fuyuki works at a sales division for a large company. One day, she receives a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend Yasushi Satou. She becomes conflicted over attending the wedding. At that time, Aki remembers a letter she received from Yasushi's mother. She received the letter after they broke up. Aki begins to read the letter. The letter deals with a woman's fate. ~~ Based on the novel "Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite" by Kazufumi Shiraishi.