Vice Versa (Thailand)


Vice Versa (Thailand) is Thailand drama


Drama: Vice Versa (Thailand)
Thai: Vice Versa รักสลับโลก
Country: Thailand
Release Date: 2022 - ?

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Talay is a talented new graduate. He receives a confirmation for his new job as a colorist and is ecstatic. Unfortunately, on a beach trip with his friends, Talay drowns. He wakes up in an alternate universe, inside someone else’s body. He discovers that the person is named Tess. Tess is a troublesome spoiled rich kid. In the hospital, Talay meets another nurse from his universe, who has transmigrated there as well. She explains the existence of the two parallel universes and stresses the need to find the “Portkey”. She also reiterates that there might be some deep connection between Talay and the key. As Talay reaches out to Tess’s friends, he comes across a primary school friend, Tun. On meeting Tun, Talay notices some oddities and realizes that the original Tun’s soul has transmigrated as well. Talay confesses to the new guy that he came from the other universe as well. As they both work together to find their port keys, their bond strengthens. But what will happen when they return to their own universe? Will they meet again and recognize each other? ~~Adapted from the novel of the same title by Jittirain. Edit Translation

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