Utenai Keikan (Japan) 2016


Utenai Keikan (Police Officer Can Not Shoot) is Japan drama premiere on Jan 10, 2016 on WOWOW. Cast members: Tanabe Seiichi...


Drama: Utenai Keikan (Japan) 2016
Romaji: Police Officer Can Not Shoot
Japanese: 撃てない警官
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Release Date: Jan 10, 2016 - Feb 7, 2016
Runtime: Sunday
Network: WOWOW

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

One day, Inspector Shibasaki Reiji of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s General Affairs Department is made to take responsibility for the inexplicable suicide of a direct subordinate and demoted to a police precinct despite being among a small number of elite candidates in the police force. Reiji received a phone call from his boss Nakata instructing him to allow his subordinate Kazuhiko Kido, who previously suffered from depression, to take part in shooting training. Reiji followed the instructions, but Kazuhiko killed himself soon after receiving a handgun from him. Reiji was interrogated, but his boss denied making the phone call regarding Kazuhiko. Who made the phone call?
While Reiji showers love on his wife and child, he has had no qualms about using intimidation on fellow police officers in order to get ahead in his career. Realising that he has been set up, he devises a plan not only to shed light on the truth, but make a return to the career track.