Tokyo Friends Park II 1994 (Japan)


Tokyo Friends Park II 1994 (Japan), also known as TFP2, Tokyo Friends Park 2 is Japan drama premiere on Apr 11, 1994 on TBS


Drama: Tokyo Friends Park II 1994 (Japan)
Romaji: TFP2, Tokyo Friends Park 2
Japanese: 東京フレンドパークII
Country: Japan
Release Date: Apr 11, 1994 - Mar 28, 2011
Network: TBS
Duration: 1 hr. 4 min.

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Tokyo Friend Park 2 (Japanese: 東京フレンドパークII; often abbreviated as "TFP2") is a Japanese game show that premiered in April 1994 on the Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS). TFP2 airs on Monday nights roughly from 6:55 - 7:54 JST in Japan.

A preset number of contestants (typically 4) compete for prizes that range from Foot baths, Massage chairs and Big screen televisions to new vehicles (typically a Land Rover). As with most Japanese game shows, the contestants usually entail people who are already celebrities in Japan such as singers, comedians, models (idols), actors, etc.
The contestants are organized in one team and compete in several games throughout the show. For each mini game they clear, the team is awarded a gold coin that can be used to win prizes at the end. Any team that successfully clears all of the games wins the Grand Slam Prize, usually a trip to Disneyland.