Tokyo Coin Laundry 2019 (Japan)


Tokyo Coin Laundry 2019 (Japan) is Japan drama premiere on Jan 11, 2019 on YTV


Drama: Tokyo Coin Laundry 2019 (Japan)
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Release Date: Friday
Network: YTV
Duration: 20 min.
Genres: Romance

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

It is a youthful love comedy where Yuto Kurashima encounters varied people and becomes mature step by step. Yuto Kurashima, played by Ryota Katayose, is a young magazine writer who often visits a coin laundry in Tokyo.

Yuto Kurashima (Ryota Katayose), a magazine writer who cannot make any progress, goes to a coin laundry like he does every day. There, he meets a trainee photographer named Kotone Terazaka (Kurumi Shimizu) who just came to Tokyo. Terasaka is being too overfamiliar with Kurashima. Then a "laundry fairy" appears in front of them. (Source: LDH News)


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