The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (China) 2013


The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (Zhengyangmen, Zheng yang men xia) is China drama premiere on Jun 4, 2013 on BTV. Cast members: Ni Da Hong, Zhu Ya Wen, Yang Li Xin, Bian Xiao Xiao...


Drama: The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (China) 2013
Romaji: Zhengyangmen, Zheng yang men xia
Chinese: 正阳门下
Country: China
Episodes: 44
Release Date: Jun 4, 2013 - Aug 8, 2013
Network: BTV

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This melodrama tells an inspiring story about Han Chunming, a former intellectual youth. After returning to his home in the city from the remote village, Han Chunming has tried every means available to make a living, which include setting up a vendor's stall along the street, with his hard working, Han finally accumulates the initial fortune he needs to establish his own business and wins the heart of his dream girl...