The Scar 2014 (Thailand)


The Scar 2014 (Thailand), also known as The Old Wound, Phae Khow, Plae Kao , is Thailand drama premiere on Aug 12, 2014


Drama: The Scar 2014 (Thailand)
Romaji: The Old Wound, Phae Khow, Plae Kao ,
Thai: แผลเก่า
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Aug 12, 2014
Duration: 2 hr. 10 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Bangkapi, a rural area on the outskirt of Bangkok in 1936, Kwan and Riam are son and daughter of rival village chiefs, making it impossible for them to declare their love. They keep seeing each other in secret and eventually pledge their love at a spirit shrine. Riam is later sold to Lady Thongkhamplew, who takes care of her like daughter. The lady even introduces her to Somchai, a wealthy nobleman. Kwan still tries to get Riam back to no avail, and it leads to the infamous tragedy at the spirit shrine.