The Real Ghosts 2019 (Thailand)


The Real Ghosts 2019 (Thailand), also known as Chong Song Pee, ช่อง-ส่อง-ผี is Thailand drama premiere on Jun 20, 2019


Drama: The Real Ghosts 2019 (Thailand)
Romaji: Chong Song Pee, ช่อง-ส่อง-ผี
Thai: ช่องส่องผี
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Jun 20, 2019
Duration: 1 hr. 25 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A young man named Dol suffers a traumatic experience when his girlfriend Nicha dies in an accident and he believes that he is to blame for her death. One day, when Dol and a friend travel to an abandoned house that a client wants to renovate, he senses something strange about the house. He then uses an ancient coin that he has carried with him since birth to challenge the mysterious powers there, turning the coin into a connection between the living world and the dead. Using it, he tries to search for answers at the mysterious house. (Source: Cinemaonline) Edit Translation

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