The Legend of Qin (China) 2015


The Legend of Qin (Qin's Moon, Qín shí míngyuè ,) is China drama premiere on Nov 29, 2015 on Hunan TV. Cast members: Lu Yi, Jiang Jin Fu, Michelle Chen, Hu Bing Qing...


Drama: The Legend of Qin (China) 2015
Romaji: Qin's Moon, Qín shí míngyuè ,
Chinese: 秦时明月
Country: China
Episodes: 54
Release Date: Nov 29, 2015 - Feb 1, 2016
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Network: Hunan TV
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The Legend of Qin follows through the Qin dynasty time when the Emperor of the Qin, King Zheng conquers the other 6 nations and unified the whole of China to the rise of the king of Western Chu, Xiang Yu, who capture the capital city, Xianyang. The story circles around a young protagonist, Jing Tianming who carries the blood of a hero turning from a weak and ignorant young boy into a great hero, who single-handedly changes the process of history.



Qin Dynasty