The Glory and the Dream (China) 2018


The Glory and the Dream (Na Xie Nian Wo Men Zheng Nian Qing) is China drama premiere on Aug 15, 2018. Cast members: Su Qing, Yang Shuo, Ren Cheng Wei, Lian Lian...


Drama: The Glory and the Dream (China) 2018
Romaji: Na Xie Nian Wo Men Zheng Nian Qing
Chinese: 那些年我们正年轻
Country: China
Episodes: 43
Release Date: Aug 15, 2018 - Sep 4, 2018
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Realistic drama which revolves around a group of young scientists devoted to the testing of atomic and hydrogen bombs.
A story from the 1960's until the advent of a new millennia that revolves around young people who devote themselves to construction as a means to serve their country.
As Chairman Mao's ideals shape the nation, Zhang Lijun who hails from a military background, Ma Chaoyang who is the son of a farmer, Lu Ruowen who comes from a wealthy family and Xiang Qing who has returned from the Soviet Union are impassioned youths who have arrived at Chong San Jun Ling.