The Forgotten Day 2021 (Hong Kong)


The Forgotten Day 2021 (Hong Kong), also known as Say Lie, Shi Yi 24 Xiao Shi, Sat Yik 24 Siu Si, 失忆24小时 is Hong Kong drama premiere on Feb 15, 2021


Drama: The Forgotten Day 2021 (Hong Kong)
Romaji: Say Lie, Shi Yi 24 Xiao Shi, Sat Yik 24 Siu Si, 失忆24小时
Hong Konger: 失憶24小時
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 27
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Because of a kidnapping, a case of amnesia, a missing woman and a huge sum of money, refrigerator technician Wu Yaozhong and interior designer Meng Yiyan come to form a delicate friendship. Yiyan loses his memories of the kidnapping while his wife who was in charge of paying the ransom goes missing with half of the money. Yiyan intends to depend on Yaozhong to find out the truth behind the kidnapping and his find his wife's whereabouts; however, Yaozhong wants to seize the chance to recover half of the ransom while concealing his involvement in the incident. With the assistance of psychotherapist Lan Haiqing, Yiyan recovers fragments of his memories. As he gradually reorganizes his thoughts, unexpected truths are revealed... (Source: cdramainfo) Edit Translation

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