The Autumn Ballad 2022 (China)


The Autumn Ballad 2022 (China), also known as Yan Yu Fu, 嫣語賦 is China drama premiere on Feb 5, 2022


Drama: The Autumn Ballad 2022 (China)
Romaji: Yan Yu Fu, 嫣語賦
Chinese: 嫣语赋
Country: China
Episodes: 34
Release Date: Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The story of a witty young girl named Qiu Yan and a cold-faced duke named Liang Yi, who goes from battling each other with wits and boldness to understanding and accompanying each other. Qiu Yan is the least favored eldest daughter of the Qiu Manor. She managed to reap happiness step by step relying on her own efforts and wisdom. (Source: DramaWiki, Baidu) Edit Translation

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