Taira no Kiyomori 2012 (Japan)


Taira no Kiyomori 2012 (Japan) is Japan drama premiere on Jan 8, 2012 on NHK


Drama: Taira no Kiyomori 2012 (Japan)
Japanese: 平清盛
Country: Japan
Episodes: 50
Release Date: Sunday
Network: NHK
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The story follows the 12th-century general & politician, Taira no Kiyomori. Taira no Kiyomori (1118–1181) was born as the first son of Taira no Tadamori (head of the Taira clan). During his youth, Kiyomori helped clear the sea of pirates in the area of Seto and then helped break down the noble system to build up a samurai-dominated period. Through the Hogen Rebellion (July 28-August 16, 1156), Taira no Kiyomori gained the trust of Emperor Go-Shirakawa. He then used this trust to eventually attain the position of Daijō Daijin (chief minister of the government).
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