Sunrise on the River (China)


Sunrise on the River (China), also known as Jiang Liu Tian Di Wai, 江流天地外, Jiang He Ri Shang, The River Flows Beyond Heaven and Earth is China drama


Drama: Sunrise on the River (China)
Romaji: Jiang Liu Tian Di Wai, 江流天地外, Jiang He Ri Shang, The River Flows Beyond Heaven and Earth
Chinese: 江河日上
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Release Date: 2023 - ?
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The outbreak of blue-green algae in Qijiang City, H province. Wang Wu, the vice mayor in charge of environmental protection, had to suspend his work due to overwork. Lin Han Jiang, a university professor who has made great achievements in the field of environmental protection, was appointed director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Qijiang City. After Lin Han Jiang took office, he found that cyanobacteria hide behind a greater environmental risk, and evidence is shown over the years from the Qijiang water sample testing report. With the support of the organization, Lin Han Jiang, without fear of power, found out the real cause of the blue-green algae outbreak. He was determined to solve not only the blue algae problem but also the water quality of the Qijiang River. However, it is easier to treat the symptoms than to cure the root causes. It is necessary to solve the environmental pollution in Qijiang from the root. It not only involves the largest industrial park in Qijiang City but also relates to the night market and boiler plant related to people's lives and livelihoods. It also faces the difficult choice of economic development and ecological environment protection. But Lin Han Jiang has always adhered to his original aspiration, defying difficulties, not only returning Qijiang to clean water and green mountains but also submitting a high-quality answer paper for balancing ecological protection and economic development. ~~ Adapted from the novel "Jiang Liu Tian Di Wai" (江流天地外) by Dong Hua Ping (董化平). Edit Translation

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