Shimeshi (Japan) 2015


Shimeshi is Japan drama premiere on Jun 21, 2015 on MBS. Cast members: Murakami Jun, Hayashi Kento, Manaka Ayu...


Drama: Shimeshi (Japan) 2015
Japanese: シメシ
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Jun 21, 2015 - Jul 12, 2015
Runtime: Sunday
Network: MBS
Duration: 30 min.
Genres: Food

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Shimeshi is about a unique restaurant that accepts only one customer a day. It is called "Le Bon Vivre", tucked away in some back alley of the bustling city, that serves "lost food." Not anyone can easily get a reservation. That person has to have circumstances or are struggling on which path to take, and are currently at the crossroad of his life. Not only that, he must request for a dish that's lost in this world, a dish that has a significance in his life and now only exists in his memory. The staff of "Le Bon Vivre" consists of Terayashiki Renichi (Murakami Jun), the chef who has a discerning skill in reproducing dishes that are lost in this world; Oze Kiyoi (Hayashi Kento), the second chef who is responsible for researching recipes and information regarding the requested dishes; and Ikeyama Juri (Manaka Ayu), the owner and maître d'hôtel of "Le Bon Vivre". The three will do their best to recreate this lost dish, and serve it to their guests.