Sannin Kyoudai Season 2 (Japan) 2016


Sannin Kyoudai Season 2 is Japan drama premiere on Oct 18, 2016. Cast members: Namioka Kazuki, Rokkaku Seiji, Konno Hiroki...


Drama: Sannin Kyoudai Season 2 (Japan) 2016
Japanese: 三人兄弟2
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Release Date: Oct 18, 2016 - Dec 20, 2016
Runtime: Monday
Duration: 30 min.
Genres: Comedy

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The three unpopular, poor, spineless Mano brothers – Kinichi, Ginji and Dosan, who have been running a coffee shop which was the inheritance from their father, are on a trip. However, they get stranded on a beach and all three of them suffer memory loss. They are rescued by a lady who had been walking on the beach. Ginji is the first to regain his memory and makes up a story about his relationship with his brothers.