Sanae Bangkok 2011 (Thailand)


Sanae Bangkok 2011 (Thailand), also known as Bangkok Charm , is Thailand drama premiere on Apr 23, 2011 on Channel 7


Drama: Sanae Bangkok 2011 (Thailand)
Romaji: Bangkok Charm ,
Thai: เสน่ห์บางกอก
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 32
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday
Network: Channel 7

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Praorn Phanompor has a dream of becoming a singer. But my father, who is a village headman, wants to be a deputy. But Prae is trying to apply as a singer, so the sue to sue. The chieftain was very angry when he realized that Pae ran away to sing. Prae was so angry that it broke the opportunity. The village chief wants her to marry him with a spaghetti. Prae decided to run into Bangkok with a procession of folk songs. When the village headman knows that he has fled Bangkok, he is worried. My friend Go to Bangkok to find Prae. Upon arrival in Bangkok I have to sing. I have a heart But the village headman will bring home. I will not go back I want to be a singer. The village headman allowed him to be a singer. The clerk asked the exchange. After being a singer Pair with the slippers are married.
Kaip Thip is so pleasantly surprised to be a singer in the camp of Kaitip. And create a misleading situation with the spas and the village. So I promised to cancel the contract with the old camp with Kaew Thip, very sorry. To lure him to be with him and to make him a pop singer. I'm so sorry for this. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not happy with it, instruct my dad to put on a satchel by snatching a rasp. While waiting for the concert. He heard the glass talk about the subject to catch a sponge. Panic rushed out of the backstage to help with the sprays. A fight broke out. She wrapped her own wounds on stage and sang on stage. The song ends and falls. Everyone hurried to the hospital. Glass nipples and subordinates were arrested by police. Patients need to stay in the hospital for several days with close supervision.
Later, Prae was gone, so decided to go home and go to get married. The village headman sent a spoon to study at the university until the end of his political career and became the first female deputy of the village. Be proud of everyone. Prae became a famous folk singer.